Digital PR


Digital PR is taking an important place in the life of people engaged in planning marketing strategies. Building a PR campaign that would bring about brand awareness is the latest trend that is growing the world over. Creating an atmosphere that is conducive for a particular brand or a product is the main objective of these agencies. The campaign taken up by these PR agencies benefits those aspects of the business which sometimes go unnoticed.

The fundamentals of Digital PR are not very different from the regular PR. The difference occurs in the outreach. With Digital PR you can reach out to a much larger and relevant audience. It does not have time constraint and can be stretched over a longer period of time as compared to the traditional print-based strategies.

Earlier the focus used to be solely on bringing out press release one after the other to keep the audience engaged and interested. But the advent of Digital PR has changed this whole scenario. Through these PR strategies you can reach out to that chunk of audience where the traditional methods cannot reach.

In today’s world, the use of internet is constantly increasing and Digital PR recognizes this aspect of the changing world. There is a scope of reaching out to a larger audience through the various online channels which results in you spreading your message faster and to a much bigger set of people. This also means that Digital PR depends on content marketing, search engine optimization and the social media for widening its audience base and making its impact.

For example, if you are a firm that deals in gardening tools and you get news about the recent changes that your company has made in the tools published online, many people related to gardening or horticulture would access it and read it. It proves to be an advantage for your firm as it gets publicity automatically. This also means that this news has a longer shelf life while it is being featured online. This kind of Digital PR comes in handy for firms that deal with niche products.

Digital PR is all about sharing information much without involving the media. It is a direct conversation with the target audience. For example, if your firm has come up with some innovation in your field of operation, you can share it on your own website; can email the idea to your clients and can also promote it on various social networking sites. This directly means that you are striking up a conversation with your friends and colleagues as well as people in the industry and the potential clients.

The whole idea of creating Digital PR is to create persuasive and newsworthy stories that would have an absolute impact on the minds of the audience and which would stay there for a long time. But it is not really worth it if you take too much effort to create quality content and do not back it up with technology. Technical skills come in handy at such times and you need to properly strategize and then proceed step by step.

Tactics to Generate Best Results through Digital PR:-

  • Study your target audience for their choice and preference regarding the social media platforms they like to use and read.
  • Identifying the active and influential group amongst them; whether people like bloggers, journalists are active and reading your content or is it just the other professionals who are accessing it. Establish a connection with them and get to know them. Provide them such content that they would like and decide upon writing about it whether it is a product or a brand.
  • Getting active online through the various mediums like blogging, participating in online group discussions or using Twitter will definitely get you the impact that you are looking to gain.
  • Get your media team to work more on blog posts, white papers, e-guides etc to get a firm footing in the web world.

Digital PR can be a cost effective technique for making a larger group of people aware about your brand/ product/ service/website, but it is a rigorous process and needs a lot of hard work. There are no short cuts here to get the desired effect.