Entertainment PR

Entertainment PR

The modern times are all about visibility and being heard at all times. Everyone is very curious to know as to what is happening in other people’s lives. Historian Daniel J. Boorstin has said that” Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some hire public relations officers.” What he meant to say was that the sole job of public relations firms or people is to make their client seem very good without letting it know that they are doing it purposefully. Entertainment industry is all about visibility and contacts. Greater the visibility, more the popularity!! As simple as that! People gain popularity both in a good manner as well as in a notorious way. And to bring them in this limelight are some agencies and people who work tirelessly. These are people from the community called the Public Relations.

It is just not about making your client seem great. There is a lot more that goes in the whole process of establishing relations. The PR agencies are allowed to speak on behalf of their clients, interact with the audience, create a contact point between the client and the target audience, making the audience aware about the important issues related to the client, and many a times ease out the client from negative publicity. Generally it is a process to get the best favorable publicity for your client by creating a positive picture amongst all including the media.

Sometimes we tend to use "advertising" and "public relations" interchangeably which is a bit inaccurate. Advertising is all about paying for a space either on TV, newspaper, journals or for that matter websites. But PR is establishing relations through a variety of mediums like shows, events, interactions that often get covered by the media and which in turn increases the visibility and the reputation of the client. Entertainment industry is all about visibility. More than ever now, people continuously want to be seen and heard.

There is a growing feeling that entertainers need to be in the news all the time. They are almost constantly in touch with their audience or viewers. This is a full time job and not humanly possible for a single person to handle it. So there are professionals who help these people stay in news, for the right reasons of course. Therefore Public Relations in the entertainment Industry is a fast growing field.

However managing entertainment PR is not a cakewalk. The clients in this field are in a class of their own with varied perceptions and thought processes. Each one is unique with his/her own peculiar approach to any kind of a situation. This makes it tough for the PR agency to highlight the client and the qualities therein. There are some basic skills that are needed to thrive in the Entertainment PR field:

Good Communication Skills:

The firm looking after entertainment PR should have a team that has a very good communication skill sets. It includes both the verbal as well as written communication. There are some commonly used tools for PR that includes emails, press releases and also the blog posts. You should have a well trained team to handle this part of the PR. One of the most important aspects is expressing your thoughts in a clear and concise manner without making grammatical or typographical mistakes. It leaves a bad taste in the minds of the viewers and there is a chance that people may even question your authority on the subject. Written communication should flow seamlessly and unhindered.

Same goes for the verbal communication. If your team is not good at communicating the client’s point of view then there is a chance that you may lose out on good business. When a person speaks, even if it is on behalf of a client, there should be clarity of thought. If the communication manager is confused, the image of the client takes a beating which can have a negative impact on the PR agency.

Rapport Building:

Public Relation is mainly about rapport building. This aspect is equally important as the communication skill set. The client believes in you that you will create a positive image in the minds of the audience and if you fail to do so then the reputation of the client is at stake. The PR team should be well aware about the choice and preferences of the target audience. If the team fails to recognize the pulse of the audience then the whole exercise of creating public relations goes waste. There should be an open minded approach while getting to the people. There are all kinds of people out there and each one with a peculiar taste. You should be able to cater to that taste and choice. All the clients are different in their own way but share one thing in common and that is mutual respect and trust.

Sticking To Your Own Ground:

Entertainers can be a bit difficult at times and may not go the way you want them to go. But it is up to you to take them along your given path. The client’s opinions are to be taken care of but do not forget to express yourself very clearly and very precisely. Having hard conversations is a regular feature in the Entertainment PR field and you should be ready to stick to your own ground when such a situation arises. There can be no lies and distrust between you and your client. If there is a sticky situation, you need to be upfront about it. Hiding such news might cause larger damage in the long run. You have to be comfortable saying No to an unwarranted demand of the client. The process of Public Relations works both ways; you and the client have to work in tandem and any difference of opinion that appears in the public can give a major setback to the image of both the concerned parties. While taking up a PR assignment in the entertainment industry, you should totally believe in the subject that you are taking up. This will create the magic that the client is looking for and will also enhance his/her image.

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