Health & Wellness PR


It is a long known saying that Health is Wealth. If you are conscious enough about your own health then there is a greater chance that you might save up on a lot of money that would towards the treatment of your ailments and automatically the wealth will be retained. Till a few years back not many people were really very aware about their own wellness and healthy living. One of the reasons could be because the stress and strain that is faced by us today was a lot less in those days. But with the growing advancement in technology, the lifestyle of people has also undergone a major change which has in turn affected their health and well being.

These changes have forced the people to look for avenues which would lessen their stress and have also become more conscious about their health and well being. Health and wellness are concepts that are relevant to all the stakeholders in the society like the consumers, healthcare professionals, care givers, patients, companies that are providing for these consumers, their investors et al.

Today consumers are actively involved in their own health care decisions. They want to get things which are really useful for them and this in turn puts the ball in the company’s court that is providing for the health care and wellness products. There is a growing need for the development of public relations for these companies as they need to establish a strong and reliable relationship with their customers. Trust plays a major role in the formation of this relationship which is manifold.

There is an ever increasing market for healthcare products and services which thrives on the rising awareness and consciousness among the consumers related to health vis-a-vis lifestyle, greater emphasis on staying fit and also the availability of health information. The web and social media has also played a major role in creating this awareness. The new generation at most times looks for solutions on the web and this is the segment which has to be tapped by the healthcare product and services firms. This so-called empowered class has to be reached which can be quite a challenge for the companies as these are already aware about a great many things.

The expertise lies in reaching out to this audience and convincing them about your product or service. And this audience is spread over a large spectrum engulfing all sections and inclinations of the society. It is now not merely limited to people with health issues and health care professionals but also spreads along the socio-political lines. The company that is thinking of producing healthcare and wellness products or services needs to think on a larger scale. And for this a number of communication tools too need to be used.

One of the ways to get visible is to get mentioned in an article or in the local newspaper. But to do this, you need to have a strong connection built with the press and that takes time. And like Health, time too is money which cannot be wasted away. The smaller firms cannot afford to lose out on this precious time. So getting mentioned in the newspaper might not be an ideal way to connect to your audience. And getting the right kind of press coverage is very important as it can make or break your image.

There has to be a systematic and well thought out public relation strategy if you are coming out with your healthcare and wellness products. It would be best advised that the PR strategy should involve all the stakeholders like the medical professionals, legal aspects, researchers, pharma experts, marketing team etc. This would give your PR campaign a multifaceted approach and make it all the more effective.

The first step is to examine the people’s view towards your product and then form a script accordingly. If you do not have a clear idea as to what people perceive about your healthcare products the whole campaign will go astray and in turn have a negative impact on the brand’s image.

A PR campaign for healthcare and wellness products is a strong teamwork wherein the company, its marketing partners and the clients have a joint role to play. It is basically an integration of branding and marketing techniques that is showcased through the PR campaigns. The innovativeness in the campaign brings out better results and for that the PR firms are always making efforts to bring out something new and better.

To get maximum results from the PR campaign, one needs to get a detailed research done which brings the perceptions of all the stakeholders to the table and from there the work can be taken forward. It also has to take into consideration the long-standing relations with the consumers and also the soon to be formed relationship with them. Overlooking this major aspect might adversely affect the campaign. All those people who might have an impact on the psyche of the prospective consumer need to be talked to or involved into the process. It cannot be a one off thing. PR campaigns for healthcare and wellness is always a multi-faceted approach involving all the key organizations and the social media in a major way.

There are many ways to go about doing this exercise that may include:

  • Organizing events like product launch
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Coverage in National as well as International Media
  • Sending out Bulk Messages
  • Managing and upgrading the content on the website

We, at Full Scale Media are involved into creating a PR campaign that encompasses all the above mentioned and are therefore considered leaders in the Health & Wellness Public Relations industry. We strive to help Health & Wellness brands, Health personalities and businesses grow through building influence in the traditional, broadcast, print and online media space. The Health & Wellness public relations professionals on our PR team are adept at scouting and executing effective public relations opportunities for our clients. The expertise of our PR professionals in launching or redefining a brand or health and wellness expert is enviable and often emulated by other PR professionals in our industry.