Impact of Social Media on PR

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The advancement of technology has brought about changes in almost all walks of life. Every area of operation has been impacted by it. It is now easier than ever to grow your online presence by using things like linktree or a free alternative to linktree app to promote your social media accounts in one place. It leaves no excuse for not having a presence online. So it is no wonder that the job of PR professionals too has undergone change. The use of technology and that too social media, to be more precise, has had a great effect on the way the PR professionals work these days. Using hostiserver can make someones PR job role a little easier, allowing the content to be the main focus. Many feel that Social Media has become an integral and inseparable part of their working. Many studies have been conducted to know the impact of Social Media on Public Relations and it has been found that there have been significant changes in terms of the outreach, the quality of the content and also in the way organizations have started viewing Public Relations per se. But there was also a group of people who felt that there was hardly any change that they have noticed in the process due to the increased use of Social Media.

The impact of Social Media can be seen on the various aspects of PR. PR is now not just limited to press releases and establishing contacts and maintaining relation with the journalists. Its scope has widened and includes other segments of the society too. Moreover, social media is cheaper and faster. News that can take ages to reach through the traditional PR practices reaches in half the time through the social media. It has made PR more globalised at the local level. We can have a better understanding of how Social Media impacts PR if we take a look at below mentioned observations.

Direct Interaction with the audience:

Personal Relation is at times synonymous with interaction at the personal level. You have a direct connection with your given target audience. Social media has enormously helped the PR companies to get connected to their customers or to all those people who are in any way connected to their product/brand. Social media has provided a direct path to the people who matter most to the PR agencies. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are creating immense impact on everyone, especially when combined with an online reputation management software such as RepCheckup ( It is one of the most used tools to spread a valid message. The advantage of using the social media tools is that you can reach out to a larger audience in lesser time as compared to the traditional PR tools. Through these means you can access that chunk of the society which remains inaccessible to the traditional methods.

With the ever increasing use of technology, you can target your specific audience by using the social media marketing service. It not only saves time but also money. One click and you reach out to numerous people. Along with this there is one more advantage; your news or the message has a longer life. People just do not read and forget it. It keeps getting circulated and is in the minds of the people for a longer duration.

Exclusive and Appealing Content:

We need to face the fact that there is a growing demand for exclusive content. Everyone is looking for such articles that are very different and unique from the ones already existing on the web. Each one is striving to create something different. This is done with the sole purpose of attracting more people to read their articles. It is so very easy to create an account on any of the social media platforms and to share your thoughts through blogs or any other platform. This is a means to form a bond with your audience, a means that companies like value in the marketing world. Creating unique content means that it has not been read by the audience before. These days the PR people cannot forward the same old story to all the journalists. There needs to a new and a fresh one at all times. It is so easy to share and if your story is stale, then there is a chance that people may not read it. But the best part of using Social Media is that if you have a totally new story to tell which is well written and articulated, then there is a chance that it gets shared and soon it spreads everywhere, giving you a totally new set of target audience.

Integrated Approach:

These days PR agencies cannot survive with using just the traditional PR tools. It has now converted into a bigger team effort which includes professionals from advertising field, digital marketing people and data specialists. The organizations have to integrate and assimilate all these people to make a good impact. It has become almost mandatory to have all these aspects in place to build a good PR. Social media cannot work exclusive of these appendages. They are a must for any PR agency these days. Those days are gone when the PR agencies stuck firmly to just PR work and did not go beyond it. Social Media has broken those barriers and made the field larger and more competitive.

Social Media is here to stay and truthfully speaking, one can expect its impact increasing over the years. The PR agencies will have to be constantly on their toes to think big, think different and create something unique that can be a game changer for them.

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