Media Placement Campaigns

With the growth of the Internet, there is no denying the fact that it is allowing more and more entrepreneurs to kick start their own enterprises and also try out effective marketing for their products and services. But there also seems to be a growing misconception about the kind of promotional techniques these fledgling enterprises use. It is highly important to differentiate between the two PRs – Public Relations and Press Release. Both are part of media campaigning techniques but are very different in approach. And this is one of the misconceptions that need to be addressed first of all.

If we are saying Media Placement Campaigns then we need to sort out the above two at the first instance. PR as in the Public Relations part is much more than just sending out a press release to get the attention of your target audience. Even if it is a well written article and very concisely articulated, yet it is just a smaller portion of the larger whole. There are some simple steps that a company needs to incorporate in their Media Placement Campaigns to get the maximum output.

  • The product /service should be interesting and at the same time newsworthy enough to catch the attention of the media and its audience too
  • Concisely articulated press release giving out details about your product/service and the immediate impact on the audience if they use it
  • Product photos and review samples go a long way to establish your identity in the market
  • Data base of all the media outlets whose editorial profile matches with your product/service profile
  • Have a proper researched media vehicle that would get your press release to the right destination and not to hundreds of such media outlets which will never yield any results.
  • There should be a meticulous and continuous media relation so that media requests like photos, product samples and interviews can be arranged promptly and there should be a deliberate follow-up to generate as many placements as possible.
  • Hard copies of placements go a long way for furthering your marketing of a particular product/service. Media placements are a substantiation of the acceptance of your product in the market which can be used to attract new customers to your fold.

Launching a Media Placement Campaign needs a proper and effective effort which Full Scale Media has been trying to do since the last one decade. We give our total dedication to pitch, coordinate, book and even co-produce the media appearances to augment the growth of our client’s brands. We truly understand that without a proper strategy in place, media appearances would yield no results which would bring all our efforts to null. That is why our team takes up time to develop an effective storyline, an angle or news broadcast to showcase your hard work to its optimum limit.  Our Strategic Media Placement services have benefitted a number of clients through print, broadcast or online publications.

It is not as if media placement is a new concept. It has been in existence since the early 19th century and is equally relevant today too. It is all about making your product/service/brand featured in the various formats of media like movies, news, TV programs, music videos so that it reaches to a greater number of people and would have a larger audience. This is one method which gives more visibility to the product than any other kind of PR campaign.

Media Placement and Publicity Campaigns include press tours for promoting a service launch or a particular product as well as ongoing PR campaigns. We use an integrative approach in our Media Placement campaigns that guarantees the most successful results. Whether you are developing a personal brand, product or service, we’ll provide you with effective Media Placement services that yield optimal results. More the visibility, the more you reach out to a greater audience will help have a bigger impact.

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Keeping all these points in your consciousness, let us organize and develop a valuable campaign on your behalf that will lead to a stellar outcome! With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we pledge to meet and exceed your expectations.

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