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Social Media Management

When a new client signs on board with Full Scale Media, the Social Media Department studies their brand, message, product ,and goals in order to create the best social media content and voice for each specific client. Along with content, the social media team will filter through each and every comment and message your social media account receive. In doing so, spam messages will be filtered and deleted, kind words will be returned with thank you’s, and questions will be answered or brought to your personal attention. Behind all of the content and aesthetics of your social media pages, the Full Scale Media social media team will dive deep into your analytics and take note of what is working, what isn’t working and how improvements can be made to better your social profiles as a whole.

Social Media Strategies

Part of Full Scale Media’s social media services involves the team brainstorming strategies and viral campaigns that will help skyrocket your social media pages to the top. Each month the social media team meets and puts their collective and creative minds together to iron out the best viral campaign, or contest for each client. Such contests and campaigns include ones that will boost a pages likes, make a unique hashtag viral, or simply just spreading your image to those who have not yet heard of you. These monthly contests and campaigns are a sure way to make your brand and social pages stand out from the rest. The social media team takes pride in their creativity and successful campaigns.

Organic Growth

One thing that makes the Full Scale Media social media team stand out from the rest, is their ability to do everything organically. From likes, right down to engagement rate, our social media team makes sure nothing is paid for and everything is done organic. What this means is that instead of paying for likes or followers, or instead of paying for more people to see a post, the social media team does everything original and organically. Why is this important? Well, paying for likes looks good visually for your page, but most will not fully benefit from it in the long run. When paying for likes you can receive users who are sometimes inactive on social media, outside of your key demographic, or just flat out have no interest in your brand. Our social media team uses specific researched hashtags, and key terms of potential customers in order to attract a following that will actually be interested in your brand or the product itself.

Social Media Marketing

The social media team at Full Scale Media can also put together successful Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Youtube ads. For those times when paid social ads are necessary, the social media team can put together a successful ad with the proper wording and visuals to really captivate and engage social users. When the word needs to get out there and fast, the social media team can properly utilize paid ads and get the message to the masses.

Cross Collaboration

The social media team at Full Scale Media knows the importance of using cross collaboration as an effective marketing tool. Our social media team are experts in pairing clients with other already popular brands on social media to help get the word out on each client. Cross promoting with a social page that has thousands or even millions of users can help quickly get a clients brand name and product to a large amount of people in a very subtle yet effective social media strategy.