Tech PR


Public Relation can be defined as an art and science of establishing and promoting a well meaning relationship with the public. It is an extension of the social and interpersonal relations between two humans or between an organization and its target audience. Earlier on it was the press releases that did the job for PR agencies. But with the changing times, technology too has taken a leap forward and that too in a multi-faceted manner. Now PR extends to a wider horizon than just a few press releases. Press release still remains one of the tools of making people aware of the brand or product. Instead of delivering the press releases personally, now it is being sent by email that makes the task much easier. With a click of mouse, a press release can be sent to a larger set of people that might include journalists and avid bloggers in that particular industry.

But there are many firms who do not possess the necessary skill set for properly planned PR. Establishing their brand and their reputation is one of the most important steps for them. Their ultimate goal is to get information about their product or brand in some of the renowned technical magazines. Even though it is a great idea to be on the pages of these magazines, yet there is much more to PR than this. The first thing that one needs to keep in mind is that you are a new entrant to the field; people are yet to know you properly; they are yet to show greater enthusiasm for your product. When this is the situation, then it is better that a start up takes it a bit slow. Getting directly up into the PR rigmarole can be a bit tricky. You need to create your credibility and then only can you attract a larger audience. This can be achieved by using the technology at hand to its optimum.

Technology these days has advanced by leaps and bounds and one of the best examples of PR technology is the Internet and its multiple facets. A well designed website can create wonders for you. It can establish the image of a particular individual, organization or any company. One can really manage the reputation of the brand or the product by making use of this means. It helps in furthering your agenda and reaching out to a larger set of people in the industry. Web sites can also be put to good use in attracting the journalists. A well managed website has a defined space for publishing press releases, information about the company, its executives, a neat and attractive photo gallery and at times press kits too that can be downloaded. This is a much better way to get journalists on board rather than sending out emails of the press release.

In the past recent years, there has been an explosion of the social media. This includes the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. There is a whole new generation which has grown up with extensive use of internet and mobile phones. Life for them cannot be beyond the latest trends happening on the web and for those traditional press releases do not work. For the companies to reach out to this set of people is a greater challenge. At times like these, the social networking sites or interactive websites do the trick. Using the technology, the brand or the product can be promoted which would also attract the attention of the tech savvy newer generation. This generation is more interested in knowing what the bloggers or their friends have to say about a particular brand or a product and that is how they form their opinions.

In order to get any positive reaction from these young people, the company also has to be involved directly with them. The firm should encourage formation of communities related to their product/brand, join the online group discussions and put forth their ideas precisely and transparently. This is one of the best uses of technology to get your Public Relations managed which would benefit the product in the long run. It is also one of the fastest means to get your idea across to a larger audience. Tech PR can really work in the modern world as each one always wants to stay connected and know more and more about the happenings in their field of interest.