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The Crucial Role of Public Relations in Building Trust and Boosting Your Brand.

Why PR is More Cost Effective Than Advertising?

Traditional advertising works by getting into the consumer’s subconscious mind through repetition. Advertising dollars do not equal instant ROI. Companies like Coca-cola, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, and others, understand the concept of repetition and infiltrating the consumer’s subconscious mind to generate long term, loyal customers. Coca-cola spent $4 billion in 2016 on advertising. Sony spent $3.5 billion on advertising in 2017. L’Oreal spent $455 million on advertising in 2016. They have eight-figure budgets to make this traditional advertising model work for them. The average small and medium-sized business is limited in their advertising dollars, and thus, their ability to infiltrate the market enough to gain major traction and credibility in the mind of the consumer. These days, the world’s focus is mainly on social media and online platforms. In fact many businesses use a mobile app advertising platform to market their product or service. This is because it is where the majority of people’s attention is turned to these days! It’s very different to traditional advertising, but still just as successful maybe more.

Maintaining a positive brand reputation is essential for building customer trust and loyalty in today’s competitive business landscape.

Why Press Releases Rarely Work for Startups and Small Businesses

Any public relations professional worth their salt will tell you that a traditional press release is a vehicle for announcing major news to the public or your industry, or a vehicle used for publicly traded companies to stay compliant with SEC regulations. Traditional press releases are not a good fit for announcing that you have just launched your startup or for asking for press coverage from the media.

Many startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs who attempt to go it alone in publicizing their business are not aware of this. As a result,they end up spending money on press release distribution services, only to wind up disappointed and with less working capital in their bank account. Instead, that money would have been spent a lot better elsewhere, such as setting up a good website with a strong domain name.

A public relations professional can help you navigate the business of telling your story to the media, your industry, and to the end consumer, through expertly crafted media pitches and story angles that will attract the attention of media influencers and the public, while building your brand’s credibility.

Having your story told in the right media outlet at the right time can take your brand’s credibility and brand recognition from 0 to 100, virtually overnight and lead to opportunities and growth otherwise not possible with a modest advertising budget.

Why Full Scale Media

Full Scale Media has represented clients across industries including entertainment, health/wellness, new age/spirituality, technology/disruptive startups, business, hospitality, large scale Internet brands, LGBTQ, automotive and 501 c3 non-profit organizations. We elect to work with a diverse range of clients because we know PR inside and out, and are able to easily apply our tactics and best practices across a wide range of industries. Through a combined two and a half decades working in public relations and media, we have worked with thousands of journalists across the globe to book hundreds of pieces of top tier media coverage for our clients.

Allison Kugel, Creative Director of Full Scale Media, has worked in public relations for eighteen years and she has worked as an internationally syndicated journalist and columnist for more then ten years.Her journalistic work has covered newsmakers from film, television, music, sports, popular culture, politics and current events. She has also written columns on tech, business and societal issues. Her diverse media career gives her unprecedented access to some of the world’s most influential tastemakers.

FSM has continuously found success in packaging and presenting our clients to the media, achieving press coverage for our clients with all of the following outlets, and more:

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