Jenna Jameson

PR Goals

In 2007, international adult superstar Jenna Jameson’s company Club Jenna, Inc. had been acquired by Playboy Enterprises, and Club Jenna was promoting their biggest budget feature film to date, Janine Loves Jenna.

To recoup Janine loves Jenna’s large budget and bring in profitable returns on the movie, Jameson needed widespread mainstream press coverage around the time of the movie’s release. Because mainstream media outlets are hesitant to cover or review adult product, we know that the goal was to give mainstream media something we would be justified in covering and discussing related to Jameson and her brand.



Through Club Jenna’s corporate public relations firm and her company, an exclusive interview was brokered and booked by Allison Kugel to run on the website, and its basic syndicates (Yahoo News, Google News, various blogs, etc.).

Allison Kugel crafted a stable of provocative, newsworthy questions for Jenna to answer, including questioning Jameson in-depth about her socio-political beliefs and which presidential candidate she supported in the 2008 United States presidential primary race. Our goal was to create viral content/sound bites that would resonate with mainstream national media outlets to get people talking about Jameson at around the same time of the movie’s release.



Jenna Jameson’s groundbreaking interview feature profile, titled, Portrait of a Mainstream Sex Icon (May 17, 2007/ in which Jameson endorsed candidate Hillary Clinton for president, gained initial traction with and a host of pro-Hillary Clinton blogs. The story then spread to radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and blog, to MSNBC’s former pundit Tucker Carlson and onto national Fox News. The story eventually made its way into Late Night, where it was incorporated into Jay Leno’s and Conan O’Brien’s opening monologues, and into Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update report. Local CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC affiliates throughout the country also picked up and ran the story, each with their own unique spin and commentary on Jameson’s ability to influence American politics.

Widespread media coverage continued for the remainder of the week of May 17, 2007. The story still has legs today, making it onto national ABC News and E! News in 2012.